PHPDX is a Portland Oregon based PHP user group that has been running since at least 2013.
We meet twice every month and will begin hosting a PHP conference every year.

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Jan 15th 2019 at 6:30 PM
Venue: 107 SE Stark St, Portland OR, USA
14 Developer Attendees
Join us for pizza, learning, sharing and network with the fabulous PHP Community! We'll be heading to Produce Row after the Meetup to continue building the camaraderie. This week we'll explore the use of template engines. A template engine allows developers and designers to work on the same areas, but without disturbing each other. The data fetched and proceeded by backend will be delivered to a template where they can be modified and displayed as final output. Should we use PHP itself as a template engine or are their other options? What are the benefits and what are the concerns? Join us to learn something and share your own accomplishments or horror stories.