PHPDX is a Portland Oregon based PHP user group that has been running since at least 2013.
We meet twice every month and will begin hosting a PHP conference every year.

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Venue: 107 SE Washington St #700, Portland OR, USA
7 Developer Attendees
Pizza, learning and a great time to network with the fabulous PHP Community! *** Does your site have a good search mechanism? Does it offer adequate quality for results? Is it a sustainable solution for the foreseeable scale required by your site? This week Chris Irvine will share experiences from a recent project, where he converted a site's traditional search method over to a search service, specifically AWS CloudSearch. Key topics will be: * What can go wrong with typical RDBMS based search solutions?* What is a search service? What does AWS CloudSearch offer specifically?* Live demo: Setup a sample search domain and explore available features* A look at the AWS PHP SDK* Case study: Walk through implementation details for a given site* How much improvement did we measure? What didn't work?* Lessons learned, the good and bad of The Cloud. Chris Irvine is a Senior Technology Consultant and founder at LLC, specializing in performance tuning, B2B integration, and custom workgroup solutions. He's local to the Portland area and a PSU alum. His professional experience includes management roles in multiple industries, and numerous development and database environments. Much of his recent projects have been in PHP/MySQL, Python, and also the FileMaker workgroup and mobile platforms.

Last Event

Mar 20th 2018 at 6:30 PM
Venue: 107 SE Washington St #700, Portland OR, USA
16 Developer Attendees
Pizza, learning, and a great time to network with the fabulous PHP Community! If you're looking to move beyond basic managed hosting, you're going to need to understand Server Provisioning and Configuration. This month Kurtis is going to introduce us to a few cloud providers, and then examine basic Provisioning and Configuration. We'll learn hands on by provisioning a new server on Vultr. After the new server is up and running, we'll install some packages and do some basic PHP configuration to get a basic app up and running. We'll discuss the differences between running PHP as an Apache module (mod-php), a FastCGI script, or processing the code through PHP-FPM unix socket. Level up your server knowledge to level up your career.