PHPDX is a Portland Oregon based PHP user group that has been running since at least 2013.
We meet twice every month and will begin hosting a PHP conference every year.

Next Event

Venue: 107 SE Stark St, Portland OR, USA
15 Developer Attendees
Head to the Stark street door and hang out outside for someone to open the door. If no one is down there feel free to PM one of the organizers to be let in.
This month we're excited to have Sammy Kaye Powers in! Sammy has spoken at many events and is one of the best speakers I know. "Randomness is really important in many cryptographic contexts. Unfortunately, true randomness is a non-trivial achievement for computers. In fact, using weak sources of randomness can leave your application open to myriad vulnerabilities. Enter a good cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator (CSPRNG). We’ll discuss the importance of using good sources of randomness, the CSPRNG options we had in PHP 5, and how the new-goodness CSPRNG functions in PHP 7 work under the hood." We will be back at the Graybox offices again and will have food sponsored by concrete5!

Last Event

May 28th 2019 at 6:00 PM
Venue: 700 SW 5th Ave, Portland OR, USA
40 Developer Attendees
We're on the 3rd floor in the "WeWork" offices! Check in at the front desk with Photo ID
Join us for a night of live coding, walking through some of the testing features that come out of the box with Laravel. See how we can go from a brand new project to a simple app with a code coverage report. If you are new to Laravel, TDD, or testing in general, you'll not want to miss this talk. While some of this code will be Laravel specific (there's so much included to help make PHP Unit even better than it already is) general testing practices will be discussed. Who: Kurtis Holsapple is a Portland based software engineer, and loves Laravel. He's been writing PHP (and more) for over 15 years. This month we are trying out a new event space, be sure to RSVP and arrive with photo ID so that you can check in! To get there:Enter the Pioneer Place mall on SW 5th Avenue and SW Morrison and head to the 3rd floor, look for the WeWork offices.Photo ID will be required to enter the venue, there should be folks at the front desk to help.